Wednesday, 13 September 2017

The alien and the human

The alien and the human

Long ago there were two aliens who lived on Neptune. The aliens had blue coloured skin. There eyes were the colour of Mars. They would always be wanting to give their stuff to each other. Something that went by the name of  sharing. It was a thing that they wanted to do not just once, But every day.

However eventually they got tired of seeing each other, they got tired of playing with each other and they got tired of sharing with each other. They never ever traded with each other again. Then one day one of the aliens saw a new planet called Earth.

The alien went down to Earth in his space pod. He thought that there might be another living creature on Earth that could share with him. The first thing that he saw when he landed  was a grey oval track with with checkerboard flags and tyres lying around the outside.  The alien saw a person dressed in a colourful  red suit with a white lightning bolt. The man asked if he could have a race with the alien and the alien agreed that he would race with him. Before the race the alien noticed that the human had a very fast car, but the alien also had a super fast space racer.  The race was about to start, both the human and the alien hopped into their racing machines and started their engines, Rrrm Rrrm.

“3!   2!   1! Go! “ The alien and the human started driving while at the same time making skid marks all over the road. At the start the human was in front of the alien but then the alien overtook the human. The human  responded by changing gear and powering his machine to full speed. Suddenly one of the wheels came off because he was turning side to side too much. The human saw the the alien was standing on top of his space racer and he was was holding one of his tyres from his space racer in his hand. The alien reversed until he was near the other car and threw the tyre onto the car and then towed the humans car to the finish line.

The alien  loved the feeling of sharing again. He thanked the driver for the race and zoomed home to his planet to see his brother. When he got there he saw his  alien brother and asked if they could start sharing again. They started sharing things like chocolate and laptops and light bulbs . The alien told his brother about earth and how sharing really is a great thing to do. Maybe you should try it too.

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